Camp Starts In: 27 Days


Welcome to Haiti 365 Summer Camp! If you have already been to an information session, you can go ahead and register by clicking on the Register button above.

Summary: Our programs provide children with a traditional camp experience, which will help them socialize and grow in character. This will be a week-long camp that will run throughout the summer, and it is designed for children to explore their creative side. There will be dancing, writing, and acting classes. Every participant will be assigned to a group and they will be able to either write or direct or act in a play. If you child has ever wanted to explore that artistic side and did not have the opportunity to do so, now is the time. Of course, nobody has to participate. If your child feels uncomfortable with any activity, he or she will not have to join.

In addition to the above, we have different programs for different age groups. Our teen program will take the teens outside the classroom and into the field, where they can explore their activity interests in a resort type of setting. Like the children's programs, guests will determine their own level of activity. In other words, if someone does not want to participate, they can just let us know and that will not be a problem.

Please see below for more information about our different programs. We have distinct programs for every age group. No matter your age, we will be able to fit you into a specific group. Please contact us with any questions.

Children with disabilities
We also have camps that are specifically designed for children with certain disabilities. Our staff members are trained with one on one care of children with special needs, and our activities will help build the self-confidence of such children. We also have counselors who are available around the clock to help with any imminent issues. Our counselors are highly educated in their respective fields and they have years of experience in this field. Through this program, we strive to help children grow in every aspect, including their self-confidence, their social skills, and decision-making skills. Recreational programs for children with special needs are available throughout the years (not just summer).

Adult Getaway
This program is for campers with low care needs, people that can take care of themselves and make their own decisions. Most of the activities will be outdoors and include hiking, biking, and swimming in the local lake. There may also be horse riding, depending on availability. Please contact us within three days of whenever your specific camp starts, and we will be able to tell you if this is a possibility. There are many locations around the State and one of them is bound to be within a reasonable distance to you. For locations and permit information, please see Honolulu camping permits.

Volunteer opportunities!
This is a new program which is open to teens and young adults. The participants will volunteer at different locations like hospitals, animal shelters, homeless shelters, and the local zoo and meet other people with the same interests. In addition, there will be activities like swimming and biking where the people will be able to interact with one another. Nobody is forced to volunteer anywhere, so if you would rather not be at the hospital, then perhaps you could volunteer at the zoo. If you do not want to do any of that, that will be fine too. Remember, nothing is mandatory and you can choose your own activities. We have many people that are interested in this, so you want to get registered as soon as possible. For more information about such opportunities, please see US Department of State volunteer opportunities.

Please call or email us today to schedule a free visit and information session with a camp counselor.

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